Access Control

The access control system helps you check incoming and outgoing personnel if necessary, or anywhere else, and also has the task of alerting you. Granting or denying access to the source of service, including locking or unlocking doors and following the entry and exit routes of persons who may be inside a building, a particular area or class thereof, or even a number of buildings affiliated with a Area.

Uses Access control system

The same access control system can be used to manage access to other public services such as utilities, financial and credit applications, attendance systems, or restaurants. In this case, warning also means sending warnings from previously defined sensitive locations.
For example, extending the door opening time can be one of the things that can alert and send a message to the control room.

Access control system tools

  • Gate access control system
  • Persons access control system
  • Softwares access control system
  • Access control system RFID
  • Finger Print access control system
  • Face Recognition access control system
  • Access control system at the club
  • Access control system at the conference
  • Vehicle control system

Location of access control unit

Access control devices are a special device and are installed in all areas where you feel the need to control and monitor entry and exit. Most of the customers to install a traffic control device include : Installation of access control on university lab doors, Installation of traffic control on server rooms, Installation of access control on hospital-specific room doors, Installation of access control on the rooms of military organizations and organizations, Installation of access control on rooms Managers and CEOs, installing access control on the doors of conference halls and so on.


Access Control System and Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC)