HVAC Silencer


Depending on the level of sound available, the amount of sound absorbed within the channels and bifurcations, the amount of sound absorbed in the environment, and other factors reducing the sound level, are designed and selected. Obviously, at a time when the level of initial sound produced by the ventilator fan is not available, experts are using the sound level analyzer to accurately obtain this level and design the sound device based on it.

Features of Silensers

  • Move air directly to increase flow rate and reduce pressure drop
  • Round and hard tip to maximize noise loss
  • Round input to reduce disturbance, pressure drop and noise produced by Silenser
  • Without any frequency to eliminate disturbances and noise in the speaker
  • Contains hard surfaces at the air passage and minimizes pollution accumulation
  • Corrosion protection of absorbent material by lattice sheets


Use of silencers

In air conditioning ducts, generally due to the function of the fan, whether oxy or centrifugal fans, unpleasant noise is dispersed in the ventilated medium, depending on various factors such as fan type, fan distance from location, sex and type. The channels and branches, the gender of the surrounding walls and other factors are different, but in any case, the presence of these sounds will create a disturbing environment for the inhabitants. In the world today, channel silencers are used to solve this problem. These specially designed silencers, in addition to minimizing the impact on airflow, eliminate much of the noise generated by air conditioners.


The gender and design of these silencers

The design and design of these airborne silencers are such that they absorb the sounds produced at different frequencies and provide ambient sound conditions in the human hearing range (from 1 to 2 Hz). In this regard, the design of a suitable sounder that can provide these conditions in the environment is of particular importance, so that if the design is incorrect, the sounder will not only be able to absorb sound but also as a factor in creating sound It will make a lot.


The basis of silencer work

The basis of sound absorption in silencers is based on the absorption of waves in porous materials. As such, the sounder has parallel rows of sound absorbing material that absorb the moving waves along the channel after colliding with these sound absorbing walls. To increase the efficiency of this absorption, perforated metal sheets with high sound absorption coefficient are used. These perforated sheets, while directing the waves to the absorbent material, greatly dampen the waves themselves.