Gate Reader (RFID Reader)

Metro Gate Reader – RFID Reader

RFID Reader and QR ticket Reader receiver device for use in traffic control systems in locations such as offices and companies, subways, bus stations, stores, airports, passenger terminals, showrooms, stadiums, commercial and residential complexes. The device can be used both online and offline and can handle at least 60 card per second.


RFID Reader Capabilities

  • HDMI and LCD display connectivity
  • Ability to generate voice, music or beep messages
  • USB, microSD and 3.5 inch HDD SATA memory connectivity
  • Features audio jack and microphone
  • Ability to read a variety of Desfire and Mifare cards, Java, CityWay one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, CityPay, fingerprint, cornea, face recognition and more.
  • Supports hard disks up to 1TB capacity
  • It has 3 serial ports RS-232 and one RS-485 port
  • Ability to connect all types of usb peripherals provided device driver such as keyboard, mouse, wifi to usb converter, 4G USB modem and …
  • Full and installable support on all access control and automatic fare collection system
  • Ability to install and run Linux and Windows Compact
  • Ability to connect to a variety of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostGre SQL, SQLite …
  • Ability to implement Blockchain database
  • Features 4 SAM Module slot
  • Full implementation of database transaction to upgrade system to use Blockchain algorithm and database to prevent unauthorized manipulation
  • Remote and local update capability
  • Manage data retrieval (Scheduled and Fixed) manually using touch screen screens on storage without the need for a computer
  • Ability to define different types of access to use for different card reader modes (Test, Maintenance, Supervisor and Operation modes)
  • With touch screen and Touch software to adjust to different local and fashion settings
  • Ability to change all components of the main board hardware (CPU, Nand Flash, etc.) to meet customer demands and use in different environments
  • Ability to separate different parts of the main board to resize it as well as control spare parts and …

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CPU : ARM Cortex A7 – Allwinner T2 (Industrial grade)
RAM : 1GB Samsung LPDDR3 1600Mbps
Networking : Realtek 10100 Ethernet
Storage : MicoSD up to 128GB
Display : 5″ TFT LCD WVGA
Power Supply : 12V,3A
RFID Module : Built-in Duali Reader(4x SAM Slot) with External Anntena
Scanner : Honeywell 7980g
HardCase : Dedicated Tray


Gate Reader- RFID Reader